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"My significant other has always wanted to look forward to joining the Overseas Basketball scene but we were in a little rut of trying to figure out what actually works and what doesn't. After reading your article, it has shed a lot of light of where we need to be and what he needs to do personally to go where he needs to be. I'm reaching out to thank you for your guidance of not only us but several other people." - jessica M. 
17 Keys to get the RIGHT exposure for your game and career in less than 38 minutes!!
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The TRUTH About Overseas basketball Exposure camps will help you... 
  • Learn Exactly How Exposure Camps Work... 
  • The Three Biggest Camp Rules to Never Break... 
  • Camps Vs. Tours Vs. Academies: Know The Difference... 
  • Know Where I'd Go If I Wanted A Job TODAY... 
  • Clearly Evaluate Every Event You Look At... 
  • Understand What Pro Coaches & Scouts Look For... 
  • Avoid the Most Common Exposure Camp Mistakes... 
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How To Make The Best Decision About What Exposure Event To Attend -- And Avoid All Possible Scams In The Process (AND Avoid Seeing Another YEAR Go By, Unable To Showcase Your Talent)
Let me tell you a quick story about the time I decided that I was going to play professional basketball -- at any cost!... and how you can use what I learned to make the best decision about what exposure event to attend -- and avoid all possible scams in the process.
The Mirror Of Motivation by Dre Baldwin FREE - Just Pay Shipping
This all took place right after I graduated from An NCAA D3 school.

Here's what happened:
  • I'd Walked On At A D3 School After Sitting The Bench For My ONE Season On The High School Varsity
  • ​I didn't even play my senior year in college, due to a coaching change and getting lost in the shuffle
  • ​No one from my college had EVER gone on to play professional basketball
  • ​I had ZERO connections or even basic information about how to play overseas
  • ​I'd *heard* of the concept of exposure camps, but I didn't know anything about how they worked.
To make matters worse:
  • I was back living at HOME and working as an assistant manager at Foot Locker
  • I worked "regular jobs" for over a year while watching all my college friends go into their "real life" careers
  • ​Overseas teams signed players from all over the world, but no one even know who I was
  • Another year of my "window" of youth to play pro sports closed on me
  • I felt like my life was going nowhere fast
That's when I decided to save the little money I had and take a blind shot at going to an exposure camp.
That's when things turned around:
  • Saved up $250 to go the only basketball exposure camp that I knew about
  • Rented a car in Philadelphia and DROVE to Orlando on Friday afternoon for a camp that started on Saturday morning
  • ​Jumped out of the car straight off the road with no sleep at the venue, paid my camp feee in CASH at the door, and got busy
  • Played really well at the camp, made some highlight-reel plays, and stood out amongst the 200 players in attendance
  • Obtained the video footage from the camp (a VHS tape!!) and started contacting agents
  • ​Sent my film to several agents, and found ONE who wanted to represent me
  • ​The agent helped land me my first contract in Kaunas, Lithuania
When all was said and done, I knew I’d made it when I was OFFICIALLY a signed professional basketball player!
Dre Baldwin Overseas Basketball The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps
But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at this:
  • I put together a 9-year career overseas [with many ups and downs in between]
  • Attended 14 MORE exposure camps and tryouts after that first one -- some good and some bad
  • ​I wrote the FIRST and ONLY guidebook that teaches players like you HOW to play Overseas Basketball [The Overseas Basketball Blueprint]
  • ​Met a lot of agents, coaches and academy owners who shared their perspectives on how they look at players
  • ​Published 53+ articles about Overseas Basketball and everything else that players around having a career playing abroad
So what’s the big takeaway from this story? Simple!
That you can start or extend your Overseas Basketball Career through going to the RIGHT exposure events -- and do it without all the trial and error that I had to endure.

I did that so YOU don't have to. 
Dre Baldwin Overseas Basketball The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps
And that’s why I want to teach you the steps for how to Get Seen By Professional Basketball Team Decision Makers ... 

Even If You're A Beginner...

so you can make the best decision about what exposure event to attend and avoid all possible scams in the process.. 

[plus avoid seeing another YEAR go by, unable to showcase your talent]. 
What You'll Learn in The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps
  • The #1 Overseas Exposure Camps Rule That You Should NEVER Break [pg. 17]
  • How to Easily Adopt The European Style [pg. 37]
  • The #1 Rule of Playing At Overseas Exposure Camps [pg. 42]
  • MUST-Know Info Re: Academies & Tours [pg. 71]
  • How I Got My First Contract  [pg. 12]
  • ​The Rule that Prevents You from Stressing Out Over Overseas Exposure Camps [pg. 54]
  • ​The #1 & 2 PAID Resources Every Pro Basketball Player Needs [pg. 61]
  • The Key to Choosing the RIGHT Camp [pg. 22]
  • The Exposure Camps Rule that Saves You from Wasting Energy [pg. 52]
  • Should You Attend Camps in Las Vegas?  [pg. 48]
  • The Reason Exposure Camps Even Exist [pg. 32]
  • Where to Actually Look for Camps  [pg. 25]
  • ​The Biggest Waste of Time and Money that Players Make Year After Year [pg. 57]
  • ​The Biggest Rule that Dre Baldwin Ever (Regretfully) Broke [pg. 63]
Here’s Everything You Get TODAY With The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps 

Asking The Right Questions

(Value: $500)

Teaches you how to ask the right questions about every event you consider so you can weed out the winners from the losers, which will make your decision-making process much faster and simpler.

Choosing The Right Level For You

(Value: $500)

Learn how to assess the level of the other players who've come through an event so you know you're playing with and against -- which means you'll only attend events that attract the types of players that you can show your best self against.

Why Many Exposure Camps Exist

(Value: $500)

Helps you understand the main reason many exposure events exist, and why so many of them aren't worth your time -- which means you'll know how to easily smell a scam a mile away.

Where To Look For Exposure Camps

(Value: $500)

Shows you why many camps won't be good for you, and could actually make you look BAD, so you are focusing ONLY on the events that high-leverage for you and your career.

Why Some Organizers Won't Help You Much

(Value: $500)

Helps you understand why some events are great for certain types of players and terrible for others, so you don't EVER attend an event that is set up for you to FAIL.

Deciphering Exposure Camp Past "Results"

(Value: $500)

Get clear on whether a camp is actually helping players get signed or not, so you don't get fooled by event advertising.

The #1 Time (and Money) Wasting Habit

(Value: $500)

Learn the biggest mistake that many pro basketball prospects make every year and how to avoid it so you're not the next dummy wasting your money.

The Biggest Rule That I Ever Broke

(Value: $500)

Learn the key exposure camp mistake that I and many others players made, and why you'd be smart to learn from our experience -- which is yet another way that you'll save yourself a TON of time.

How To Deal With Agents

(Value: $500)

Helps you understand how you'll do business with agents -- and also what to never do when dealing with them, so you don't fall victim to ANY of the many scams out there targeting hungry players.

A Major Key To Getting Yourself Signed

(Value: $500)

Understand the most important thing players do to get themselves signed to contracts, which you'll be able to implement easily.

The Key Element Of Your Marketing 

(Value: $500)

Know what you can never start a career without -- and how what you'll learn will make sure you get it -- which means you'll never be empty-handed in your basketball career.

The Mindset To Sustain A Professional Career

(Value: $500)

Makes it simple for you to know how to navigate the basketball business, which makes it easy for you to make better decisions.

The REAL About Academies And Tours

(Value: $500)

Know why academies and tours exist, what they do, and whether or not they're worth your money.
What a great book!!! Read it in 1 day I was hooked on it. Great content and it helped me a lot! You know I'll be reading it again. I'm pumped to get the bulletproof bundle! I thought it came today but it was my dad's package lol! But I'm so excited for it to come and get more great content from the man DreAllDay!! Thank you so much bro. Big inspiration to me🔑🔥

- Zac
I want to start off by saying that I have upmost respect for the extra effort you are putting in to better all that you do. Honestly, I found your podcast only about a month ago, but it has been incredibly helpful with getting through some rough shit in my life. The best thing I took from your book was the Be Real with Yourself pages. 

My reality is unpleasant because I am not where I want to be, but not one part of me wants to live an unauthentic life. I have lied to myself in the past about the work required to earn this degree. It is more then I care to believe, but it is the reality. 

Everything needs to be seen clear with the steps I will need to take with studying and making connections if I want to reach the final goal of getting a job I will enjoy, which will take a number of years. I see the final goal of getting a job, which then would be broken down into earning my bachelors and masters degrees, broken further into passing each semester's classes and being smart with my money to pay for all it. I will need to study for each class and finally the daily struggle I will endure to find the motivation to keep going. I did not even highlight anything on these pages, I just tabbed the whole thing to return to when I need it. 

The most valuable idea I took out was your principle "Know Your Goals." This was another principle that I tabbed out to go back to when I need it. I drew it in with your podcasts as well over picking one goal to work on and not working half ass on a number of goals. 

Your principle over "Haters & Naysayers" was the principle that I already knew, but you thankfully reminded me of. I learned to not listen to haters, but I like your way of using their hateful energy has useful energy much more helpful. Energy transfer is a majority of my school work, I learn all about it and your principle follows it perfectly. 

I just want to thank you again for all that you do to help people like me going through shit with their lives. You have another fan and I will be buying more of your books in the future. All I listen to when doing cardio are your podcasts to try and learn as much as I can. But, for real, keep doing you.

- Jaidyn
Here's the bottom line...
Millions of players play basketball. Fewer than 6,000  players get paid every year to play professional Basketball [that's Overseas + NBA + G-League COMBINED]
The Question Is, will YOU be one of them?
Here’s Everything You Get TODAY With The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps 
Let’s go over everything you get with The TRUTH About Overseas Basketball Exposure Camps.
  • Asking The Right Questions ($500 Value) 
  • Choosing The Right Level For You ($500 Value) 
  • Why Many Exposure Camps Exist ($500 Value) 
  • ​Where To Look For Exposure Camps ($500 Value) 
  • ​Why Some Organizers Won't Help You Much ($500 Value) 
  • ​Deciphering Exposure Camp Past "Results" ($500 Value) 
  • ​The #1 Time (and Money) Wasting Habit ($500 Value) 
  • ​The Biggest Rule That I Ever Broke ($500 Value) 
  • ​How To Deal With Agents ($500 Value) 
  • ​A Major Key To Getting Yourself Signed ($500 Value) 
  • ​The Key Element Of Your Marketing ($500 Value) 
  • ​The Mindset To Sustain A Professional Career ($500 Value) 
  • ​The REAL About Academies And Tours ($500 Value) 
Total Value: $6,500
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